June 2013: First Research & Development Contract with University of Heidelberg / Germany was signed. The German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology an its Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium Enterprises ZIM supports financially the development of the first surgical navigation system concerning refractive eye surgery. In this context the David J. Apple Laboratory of the University Eye Clinic Heidelberg works closely together with the high-tech company Eyesight&Vision GmbH in Nuremberg /Germany.

In March 2012, Messrs. Dr. Uwe Oberheide, Dr. Tobias Neuhann, and Robert Habel (chairman) were appointed to the advisory council of the GmbH.
At DOC in Nuremberg in June 2012, a prototype of I-O-W-A was presented to a trade public for the first time.
Participation at ESCRS Milano september 2012.
Participation at DOG Berlin september 2012.
Bernd Schleimer is responsible for I-O-W-A sales since october 2012.

In May 2011, the company moved into its Nuremberg offices in Neumeyerstrasse 48.
In October 2011, the investors HighTechGründerfonds and BayernKapital took shares in the GmbH.

Eyesight&Vision GmbH was founded in June 2010 by Kurt Heiberger and Andreas Schnalke. The company develops and markets refractive error diagnostic equipment that performs real-time measurement of the refractive power of the eye during cataract surgery and provides the surgeon with information in situ concerning the position and centering of the intraocular lens (IOL). The two specialists, who have been working in aberrometry since 1999 have combined the advantages of the Tscherning aberrometer and the Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor in the patented Eyesight&Vision technology. The two founders were able to build the company into the leader of its segment due to their many years of experience at the technology leader WaveLight® AG.