Easy installation
The I-O-W-A measurement equipment is easy to install at the surgery microscop, as easy as a biom. For ZEISS and LEICA microscope ther are specific adapter plates available. All recent surgery microscops allow the additional load with supplementary equipment up to 5kg by using the balancing mode. As part of the initial system setup, the optical axes of the I-O-W-A instrument will be aligned with the axis of the surgical microscop. After this the exchange time of the device will take a few seconds.

Use with surgery mikroscop
The usual safe distance between microscop / device and the steril surgery field (170–200mm) remains with the aberrometer unmodified. In case of intubated patients the use of flexible tube adapter is recommended.

Contactless and sterile use
At both sides of the device are distance sensors, allowing contactless operation and controlling by the surgeon. The measurement function and the 3D-Head-Up Display within the microscop are operated by the foot switch of the microscop lighting.

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