High precision without additional effort

Especially with the toric lenses the refraction results depending of the precision: With each degree of deviation of the position of the corneal torus the lense loses 3.3% of its astigmatism-correcting effect.

Virtual axis marking

The I-O-W-A offers a virtual marking of the cornea cylinder within the surgery microscop by the measurement of the aphakic eye, regardless of the inexactness and the insecurity of the manual color marking.

IOL navigation in (quasi-) real-time

The sphero cylindrical aberration and the marking of the cylinder position of the I-O-W-A everytime correspond with the recent bul position. There are no waiting times for the results with the I-O-W-A wavefront analyzer. Only by running the quasi real-time measurement mode in the intraoperative aberrometer, the effective surgeon support in positioning the toric lense is possible.

Refraction results visualized

In the surgery microscope, the virtual marker immediately follows the cylinder axis of rotation of a toric IOL. The refraction results and if applicable the deviation from the target refraction is readable for the surgeon at any time in the 3D head-up display.


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