Thus, patients and surgeons benefit from our Intraoperative Ocular Wavefront Analyzer I-O-W-A:

- Validation of preoperative biometry and Ceratography by intraoperative ocular aberrometry of the aphakic eye (optical refractive biometry)

Cost of manual marking of the axis of the cylinder prior to the implantation of toric IOLs can be omitted

Inaccuracy of the cylinder marking  with a felt-tip pen or markeur on a seated patient is no longer part of the operation result

Reference points for intraocular placement of toric IOLs guaranteed to remain visible throughout the surgery and will not be spread

- Modern
virtual axes marking takes into account possible surgically induced astigmatism

- Success
of LRIs or the IOL alignment is immediately visible in the refraction definition and thus correctable immediately

Checks after the implantation of toric and multifocal IOLs, Artisan lenses, add-on lenses and ICLs also after prior LASEK / LASIK

Refraction result can be measured and corrected during the surgery


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