Easy installation and hands-free operation in the surgery room
The measurement equipment can be mounted on the surgical microscope with few handles as easily as a biome.
The usual safe distance between the microscope/device and sterile surgical field remains unchanged.
There are distance sensors that allow hands-free operation of the device by the surgeon on both side surfaces of the device.
The measurement function and the 3D head-up display in the microscope are activated by the foot switch of the microscope illumination.
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High reliability by new "flying spot" Wavefront Analyzer Technology
The new wavefront sensoric technology specifically for the intraoperative use developed by our engineers in Germany is characterized by high reliability and accuracy.
In contrast to the classical systems of the Hartmann-Shack and the Tscherning method, this new sequential method recently has not the well known risks of "overlappings" and "cross over".
Where the dynamic range of Shack-Hartmann sensor technology is limited to the area -10.00 to 8.00 diopters, the new generation covers with a dynamic range of -20 to +20 diopters the requirements from the intraoperative use.
The new "flying spot" technology achieves high reliability and accuracy in a wide dynamic range of 32 diopters.
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Real-time measurement of a computer- aided surgical assistant system
The signal interpretation and calculation of the Zernike polynomials is in "quasi real- time". The displayed refraction and cylinder axis always represents the current position as in the visual axis of the patient.
Directly indicating the remaining aberration follows the positioning of the (toric) intraocular lens.
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High precision by binocular reflections in the microskop (3D Head-Up Display)
Unlike devices that require an external monitor to display the information,  the I-O-W-A system shows the crosshairs and the marker, measured in real-time from the cylinder axis,  in the view of the ophthalmic surgeon.Through the binocular microscope reflection can we achieve high accuracy in positioning and wavefront analysis.
The documentation of all the measurements is done automatically thanks to the binocular microscop reflection saved with the surgery video.
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Error security by assistance functions
After entering the patient's position in relation to the surgical microscope (superior or temporal left/rigth), the reference axis of the cylinder and the display of the angles in the microscope and video display adjusts automatically. The display can be switched anytime between + or -  presentation.
I-O-W-A supports the rapid orientation on the patient's eye and helps to avoid mistakes, even in everydays stressful operating.
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> I-O-W-A validates preoperative biometry

> I-O-W-A cataract surgery results in a flash

> I-O-W-A predicts the refractive surprise

> I-O-W-A as good as golden standard of biometry

 > I-O-W-A meets trifocal IOL Zeiss AT LISA 839

> I-O-W-A prevents you from a refractive surprise

> I-O-W-A influence of dry cornea on intraoperative measurement  

> Intraoperative Aberrometry with 1stQ Basis Z IOL     

 > Advantages of intraoperative Aberrometry




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